Fortnite Season 6: Everything you need to know about Season 6 – New theme, weapons, tips, android and much, much more

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

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Fortnite Season 6: Everything you need to know about Season 6 – New theme, weapons, tips, android and much, much more

Season 5 is almost over and we can’t wait for Fortnite Season 6.

The good news is that we’ve pulled together everything you need to know about Season 6 – from rumours to gameplay improvements -related stuff and big announcements.

Treat this as your own personal Fortnite season six ‘hub’ – we’ll be updating it daily, so you’ll always be in the know.

Let’s kick off with what we know so far.

When is Season 6 landing?

Season 5 comes to an end almost a year after the battle royale mode was originally launched on the 27th September.

This means that Season 6 will most likely begin the next day.

We are hoping Epic Games will be planning something extra special for the next season as an ode to the overwhelming success they have had this year.

However, there is a chance the new season could be delayed, click here to read more.

What can we learn from season 5?

The map had a huge overhaul with new areas to explore including Lazy Links, a wacky golf course and Paradise Palms located in a huge desert biome.

There are also a number of smaller towns and sights to see including a bunch of random dinosaurs and a racing track.

New skins are always featured in a fresh season

Vehicles and battle pass

An all-terrain golf buggy has also switched up conflicts alongside new rifts dotted across the map that drops you from the sky to pounce on unsuspecting enemies.

The all-new battle pass also has a vast selection of skins and mini-games for you to show-off and enjoy with your mates.

We can expect to see huge changes to the map

EPIC games have tweeted out another teaser image for Fortnite Season 6.

The first image showed a Llama DJ wearing shades with a purple bolt of lightning striking across the image.

Not giving away too much I know.

An interesting look

Fans thought this might have been a hint towards the hidden theme of Season 6, maybe a disco party theme.

However, the latest image posted by Fortnite to all social channels depicted a cowgirl sporting a balaclava and a traditional cowboy hat straight out of Red Dead Redemption.

See Below:

The caption to the image, ‘Saddle up’ is fairly self-explanatory.

As with Season 5 of Fortnite, the skins revealed early are usually central to the ‘storyline’ of the following Season and will be part of the battle pass.

So don’t be surprised if you find yourself rocking one of these two skins come day one of Season 6.

It is disappointing to see that at first glance these two skins don’t seem to have a related theme.

Image result for fortnite superheroA recurring theme would be awesome to see in Season 6


After Season 5, which didn’t have a concurrent theme, Fortnite players are keen to see something similar to Season 4 where there was a very clear superhero theme running throughout the Season.

We will hold our judgements back for now, however, as all has not been revealed.

We will most likely be getting one more final reveal from EPIC games before Season 6 begins to roll out on the 27th September.

The cube has been haunting Fortnite players for nearly a month now.

However, one place players never thought the cube would hit was Tilted Towers…

This is going to be epic

After all the speculation at the start of season 4 around whether Tilted would be destroyed the prophecy has finally been fulfilled… in part.

The new building in Tilted that has been under construction and slowly built since the start of Season 5 was last night crushed by the giant purple cube.

The cube has stopped following the road and destroyed the newly reconstructed building in Tilted Towers 💣🏙

(video courtesy of @LootLakeBR)

— Fortnite Master (@FNMasterCom) September 19, 2018

The new building had its grand opening only recently, with balloons celebrating the special occasion.

A cruel twist of fate.

According to Fortnite leaker ‘Silox’ on Twitter the cube will reach Loot Lake today where something will happen.

As Season 6 almost comes to close there are rumours of a volcanic eruption…

New location Crazy Castle coming to Season 6!

The in-game events are ramping up with the cube scattering far and wide whilst slowly and methodically making it’s way to a destination that as of now is still undisclosed.

Perhaps one of the biggest changes that are coming to Season 6 is those to the map.

The cube seems to never stop moving

Players and fans of the battle royale game have been speculating and theorising as to what will happen once the cube explodes and what the map is going to look like.

Well, particularly savvy fans think they have found out where the new location is going to be on the map and what it is called.

Epic Games released a Crazy Castle spray in the season 5 Battle Pass.

You can get the Crazy Castle spray in the Season 5 battle pass

The spray, titled Crazy Castle follows the alliteration model used for all points of interest in Fortnite.

This speculation led to fans thinking it could be a clue as to what we could expect next season.

Further to this, a short video promoting one of the new Fortnite emotes the background has completely changed.

Could Epic Games be hiding secret messages

In the distance, you can see what look’s like a castle, located near Pleasent Park.

If this is the case we could see a huge castle appear in place of Loot Lake or maybe in the middle of the Lake with a moat around it.

We bet fans of Fortnite‘s battle royale mode never expected to be able to have pets follow them around in-game.

The cube isn’t the only thing that is going to shake up Season 6

According to ‘FNLeaks’ on Twitter an account well known for accurately predicting previous updates by looking at the game’s files, we could be seeing pets in the upcoming season of Fortnite as well as weapon skins and music packs.

Pets, weapon skins, and music packs might be coming soon!

— Fortnite Leakage (@FNLeak) September 6, 2018

The biggest question is that if pets are made available as paid additions or as part of the battle pass what will they do?

The most likely answer is that pets will play a purely cosmetic role and act as another way for Epic Games to make some cash from V-bucks purchases.

Could we see the addition of pets into Fortnite

The majority of MMORPG’s allow players to have mini pets which will pick up loot or give players a buff, this would go against everything Fortnite stands for.

The game thus far has not been pay-to-win adding this in would alienate fans.

Plenty of popular online games let you have pets that follow you around

Weapon skins please god no!

Loot boxes.

When people hear the word weapon skins they think of CS:GO, Call of Duty and other games where you can purchase loot boxes and have a chance of getting a randomised weapon skin.

CS:GO are renowned for their in-game weapon skins

Again, it is unlikely that Fortnite will take this route in Season 6 as they already have such an effective system when it comes to in-game cosmetics.

Weapon skins will just give players another opportunity to show off their look.

Could weapon skins be coming to Fortnite to brighten up the game even more

What are you most excited about in Season 6?

This mysterious bunker has been in the game since the end of Season 4.

It hasn’t really done much other than rouse player’s suspicions, spawn a load of crazy conspiracy theories and sit in Wailing Woods waiting for its time to open up.

The bunker has been confusing fans for nearly two seasons now

Well, the time has finally come.

What is coming out of the bunker is not, however, what you would expect.

According to Fortnite leakers, a person will come out of the bunker and build a chicken restaurant to compete with the current ‘Durr Burger’ chain that the skin from Season 5 is based on.

The Durr Burger skin could be the first of many fast food-themed outfits

It is believed that throughout Season 6 The chicken restaurant will expand into an amusement park that will eventually overtake Wailing Woods.

Other restaurant chains will also pop up around the map, with mascot skins being released so players can support their favourite location.

the Tomato Town outfit is also mascot themed

A lot of players are convinced that this will be the new theme of the season but with the ominous tones the cube is giving off, it would be comical for the next season to revolve around fast-food joints, wouldn’t it?

The cube is slowly making its way to an undisclosed area of the map to wreck havoc… or is it?

Conspiracy theorists do have there uses, especially when their efforts are targeted at finding out all of the secrets Fortnite has to offer.

This latest theory goes pretty deep and has potentially solved the riddle of what exactly the giant purple cube is.

Could the cube spell disaster for Season 6?

If the current path the cube is taking continues, it will soon hit the centre of the map and we assume some sort of event will take place.

However, what if the cube isn’t heading anywhere and it is actually drawing a rune on the ground?

Runes are known to be a part of Norse mythology so this theorist went to the Viking ship and found two runes on the sail.

The sail of the ship has two runes on it

The two runes stand for ‘Renewal’ and ‘Transformation’ if it’s true that the purple cube is drawing out these runes we could be seeing the end of the map as we know it.

Could this be Ragnarok?

Ragnarok in Norse mythology signals the end of the world.

DeanMDx believes that this is what the cube has been sent to do.

If we are going to see Ragnarok just before the start of Season 6 could the new theme be Viking themed?

Check out the full theory video below.

Fans and Fortnite theorists alike have been speculating as to what will happen to the map once the cube has done what it needs to.

The cube that is causing so much trouble

A lot of fans believe the cube will end its journey at Loot Lake changing the (once great) looting spot into a totally new point of interest for players to land and explore.

Game concept designer ‘Sardar YT‘ has designed a concept map for Season 6 of Fortnite, with the assumption in mind that the cube stops at Loot Lake wrecking a large portion of the map.

Check it out below.

With a whole new biome and cracks spreading across the map could this be what Season 6 has in store for us?

The ‘apocalypse’ map is a brilliant concept but still leaves a lot of questions unanswered.

What is in the cracks? Will the water be shallow, or will players gain the ability to swim and fight?

Is the theme going to be ‘apocalyptic’, ‘Norse mythology’ or something else entirely?

Hints and clues

In the run-up to the launch of season five, Epic dropped massive hints with rifts opening up across the map dropping real-world objects into the game.

We will likely see similar events happening as Fortnite Season Six draws closer.

The rocket was a mystery during season 4

Fortnite fans have just spent a month watching a cube slowly move its way around the map.

Its final resting place being Loot Lake where the cube dissolved turning the water purple and making it bouncy (exciting).

Image result for fortnite volcanoSome Fortnite leakers have claimed the next event will be a volcano sprouting up

We thought that was it, maybe some other minor thing would happen just prior to the launch of Season 6, but nothing huge.

Well, this is Fortnite and we should always expect the unexpected…

Mark Rein the vice president and co-founder of Epic Games recently tweeted out something ominous which got fans buzzing about the possibility of ANOTHER huge event before the end of the season later this month, he said:

This is @FortniteGame – there’s ALWAYS something else 🙂

— Mark Rein (@MarkRein) September 19, 2018

The only way this could have been more assured was if Rein had put a winky face instead of a smiley one.

What is going to happen next with the giant purple cube?

Fortnite Season 5’s big event is finally here.

It has arrived in the form of a giant purple cube that is slowly making its way across the Fortnite battle royale map.

The purple cube arrived on Friday and appears to be slowly moving towards its final destination rolling over once every 1 hour 43 minutes.

Don’t get to close to the cube or you may regret it

What’s so special about this cube?

The cube charges up your shield when you are close to it, however, you won’t want to get too close as it will catapult you miles making you take some hefty fall damage in the process.

There has been a lot of speculation as to where the cube will stop.

With Fortnite Leaks on Twitter believing that the cube’s path will most likely take it through Salty Springs, Loot Lake and Pleasent Park.

This cube will most likely heavily impact either one of the POIs

Loot Lake
Salty Springs
Pleasant Park

Here’s why.

— Fortnite: Battle Royale Leaks (@FNBRLeaks) August 27, 2018

Drawing together other theories it seems most likely that it will be Salty Springs that will be affected by the purple cube or culd it be Loot Lake…

It seems like the cube has been travelling around the map ruining people’s games for weeks now.

However, it could all be coming to an end sooner than we think.

Fortnite data miners have been hard at work looking at the game’s code and tracking the path of the cube as it has progressed throughout the map.

Say goodbye to the map we have got used to in Season 5

They have now come to the conclusion that a lot of players will be happy to hear.

According to YouTuber DieBuddies the cube will ultimately end its journey at Loot Lake.

Path of the cube + locations

— DieBuddies (@TwoEpicBuddies) September 5, 2018

When can we expect to see something happen?

If the epic rocket launch at the end of Season 4 is anything to go by then we could see an event happen as soon as this week.

Yes, this weekend we could see the cube actually do something other than mess with gravity and cause you to lose your game.

Your guess is as good as ours when talking about what changes to the map will actually happen…

The final update for Season 5 will be coming soon and as usual, will shake up the way the battle royale is played.

The port-a-fortress will be a usable item in the next update and it’s as cool as it sounds.

It will be similar to its smaller cousin the port-a-fort, however, pack more of a punch.

Luckily for us, we don’t have to wait until the new item is released to see what it might look like, as Reddit user ‘Feralidragon’ posted a clip of a concept port-a-fortress in action.

Legendary Port-a-Fort in #Fortnite

(Coincidentally, this was posted on reddit by u/Feralidragon approximately 20 minutes before the Port-a-Fortress was announced).

— Fortnite Battle Royale Servers & Leaks (@FortniteBattle) September 16, 2018

If the real deal ends up looking anything like this fans of Fortnite should be shaking with excitement as it could be a game changer when it comes to build battles!

The Fortnite Season 6 trailer is going  to be EPIC

Season 5 of Fortnite saw the introduction of the epic cinematic scenes highlighting new features.

With Season 6 looming on the horizon and speculations as to the next theme ripe, there are a number of fan-made trailers for the next season of Fortnite.

The trailer will feature some of the main skins from the next season

One trailer made by YouTuber ‘Sardar’ believes that Aliens will be the main focus of Season 6.

With abductions, tall eerie mountains, secret bases and UFOs being featuring heavily in the trailer.

Check it out below.

Another YouTuber by the name of ‘IOS Gaming’ also believes that an Alien approach is most likely with Season 6 of Fortnite.

The fan-made trailer focuses on the unknown with a ‘Blair Witch’ feel to it.

Check it out.

Other rumoured themes

Superhero’s and World’s colliding are a thing of the past, medieval knights should also move aside, as Fortnite Season 6 is looking to be the biggest and best one yet.

As players get their hands into Fortnite Season 5, they have been speculating as to what the next season’s theme will be.

Return of the Ghoul

Many YouTubers and streamers have been saying we could see the return of the most sought-after skin in the game ‘The Skull Trooper’.

This was a Halloween exclusive skin which was integral to Fortnite Battle Royale’s initial launch and success.

The Skull Trooper is easily the most valuable skin in the game

A creepy ominous Halloween/horror movie theme is currently the top candidate in the community for Season 6.

Areas of the map could easily be overhauled to have a more sinister feel, with Haunted Hills already being an example of that.

Werewolf, alien, Frankenstein and more skins could also be part of the battle pass.

Epic Games have previously run a limited time Halloween theme

Atlantis rises

Due to some players looking through the code in future patch notes they uncovered that there may be more water areas coming to the Fortnite map.

This has led players to believe that the theme of Season 6 will be ‘water based’ with a great flood taking over portions of the map.

The new Chomp Sr. outfit with matching pickaxe

This could again lead to new vehicles in the form of boats, and the opportunity for some more brilliant skins.

It has also been found that the skins from previous seasons often hint at what is coming next.

With the two new scuba diving skins and the Chomp Sr. skin shark skin, it looks likely there is going to be a downpour next season

Water-themed leaked skins for later in season 5

The evidence speaks for itself.

Season 6 has to be the best season yet

With Battle Royale becoming more popular Fornite is set to have some competition.

Fortnite is currently at the top of their game.

With $100million being pumped into the competitive scene and profits having just reached $1billion, Epic Games aren’t too afraid of competition right now.

Will we see a big event for the launch of Season 6

With Season 5 off to a great start and sales up, Epic may start to become lax with their updates, not keeping the game fresh and exciting (which is the game’s main appeal).

Fortnite Season 6 will have to be the best season yet in order to keep players interested.

With the new Season starting late September, Epic games have placed the season at the perfect time in order to compete with the big titles coming in October.

We can expect to see huge changes to the map next Season

Both Call of Duty: Black ops 4 and Battlefield V will have Battle Royale modes and it’s possible Red Dead Redemption 2 may do as well.

This is the biggest threat Fortnite has had to face so far.

The biggest FPS shooting franchise is back! (May contain Battle Royale)

Both COD and Battlefield have massive audiences, a lot of whom have probably switched to Fortnite whilst waiting for the new games.

Fortnite Season 6 will have to pull out all the stops in order to keep players engaged.

If Red Dead Redemption II has a Battle Royale mode, it could spell the end of Fortnite

Late September is the perfect time to start a new season with new locations, weapons, vehicles, skins and hopefully game modes.

The formerly scheduled in date for the Fortnite Season 6 has been pushed back.

Sources are now saying that it could be pushed back even further.

We have now gone past the halfway point of the Season 5 battle pass and the timer counting down the days you need to get to tier 100 by has consistently said Septemeber 17th, meaning Season 6 would begin the next day on the 18th.

The map is likely to completely change before Season 6

However, nothing in the world of Fortnite is ever so simple.

The date has now changed to September 24th giving players a bit of extra time to complete those challenges and secure some extra exp to unlock the Ragnorock skin.

According to the Fortnite Leaks Twitter account Season 6 could be delayed until as late as October 2nd.

Players will now have extra time to unlock more of the battle pass

With the final weekly challenges coming out on September 13th, players will get almost three weeks to finish off what they have got to do in season 5.

The delays to Season 6 could be due to the big event coming so late in the season.

We will likely see even more damage to the map in Season 5

Changes to weapons

We have seen the weapons in Fortnite changing with every patch since the beginning of Fortnite.

Fortnite Season 6 is set to be no different, with big changes in the works for how the guns look and feel.

Find out how weapons are going to be changed here.

Could we see a catastrophic event take-out Salty Springs?

Old Fortnite music could make a comeback?

The popular theme tune was thought to be a relic of the past with fans of the game mourning its loss.

Fans of the original music shouldn’t lose hope just yet as Epic Games has dropped a major hint that it may come back for Fortnite Season 6 click here to read more.

Is console cross-play coming in Season 6?

Bad news for those hoping to play with their mates on PS4.

Looks like as we head into Season 6 of Fortnite Sony are still refusing to introduce crossplay which would allow Fortnite fanatics from Switch, mobile and Xbox One to play with them.

Even the exclusive skin for PS4 Fortnite players is confused

Recently there were rumours circulating that Sony may be considering the move in order to satisfy fans of the popular battle royale game.

Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida has now shut the rumours down when speaking with the Independent saying:

“On cross-platform, our way of thinking is always that PlayStation is the best place to play. Fortnite, I believe, partnered with PlayStation 4 is the best experience for users, that’s our belief. But actually, we already opened some games as cross-platform with PC and some others, so we decide based on what is the best user experience. That is our way of thinking for cross-platform.”

Kenichiro Yoshida didn’t rule out cross-play for other games in the future but for Fortnite it seems

Switch fans are particularly angry with the situation as when moving your epic account from PS4 to Nintendo Switch they found that they couldn’t load up their details and had to start their progression from scratch.

Season 6 is going to be looking a little bit bleaker for Fortnite fans.

The beginning of the end is here for Season 5.

Fans have been waiting with baited breath for the reveal of the Traveller skin (this seasons battle pass skin for completing seven week’s of challenges).

Week seven challenges are coming out this Friday with a large patch scheduled for Thursday.

The Traveller skin will only be available to those have the battle pass and have completed seven weeks worth of challenges

In Season 4 of Fortnite, the ‘challenge skin’ was the character that triggered the rocket, hence, causing the rifts and the events of Season 5.

We can expect something similar with Season 6.

The Traveller will be pivotal to whatever happens.

Many have speculated that it will have something to do with Salty Springs and the secret bunker located there.

Is their a hidden message from the stone heads?

Could a smaller map be in the works for Season 6?

Fans of the popular battle royale title have been speculating as to whether the next map will be five times smaller.

This is due to a number of factors:

Epic games focus on esports and build battles, primarily focusing on Tilted Towers Hints that the starting island could become it’s own mini battle arena for players Other battle royale titles have taken similar approaches when launching different maps

Read more about the new smaller map here!

Stone heads may have dropped a huge hint for Season 6!

Players have been continuing to rinse the Season 5 Fortnite map for all of its secrets.

A new theory has started to formulate around the giant stone heads that appeared around the map at the start of Season 5.

Season 6 is going to be crazy

With the theme of Season 6 still being speculated on and fans not knowing what sort of event will trigger its start.

This theory makes a lot of sense and has some pretty convincing evidence.

Reddit user ShadoukenGames traced the direction every stone head was facing.

It turns out they are all looking towards Salty Springs.

All the stone heads are facing towards the direction of Salty Springs

A popular destination located just South of Dusty Divot.

It also just so happens to be located underneath the largest rift on the map…

Coincidence? We think not.

The bush is something we wouldn’t mind going in Season 6

That’s not all though, as located in Salty Springs is a secret underground bunker.

Players are still not sure what relevance this bunker plays but have theorised that it could be something to do with the stone heads.

Season 6 could be in for a great start if all these theories turn out to be correct.

We are sure to see plenty of new skins in Season 6!

IOS users have put millions of hours into Fortnite and made Epic $200 million since it’s release.

Android users, on the other hand, have had to suffer silently and for the first time envy the fact they don’t own the latest iPhone.

Fortnite for Android still hasn’t got a firm release date and it seems like it now may be delayed even further, potentially as far away as Season 6.

Android users may miss out on the Season 5 skins

Epic games have been in talks with Google about whether they will be selling Fortnite through their platform or independently from them.

Google play takes a huge 30% cut on any sales made from apps on their store.

This is delaying the process and stopping Android users from getting their mitts into Fortnite.

The map will completely change for Season 6

The introduction of vehicles to the popular battle royale game has been widely seen as a good thing.

First trolleys in Season 4 and then ATK golf buggies in Season 5.

We can expect to see the addition of one or two new vehicles in Season 6 or sooner.

Here are the most likely contenders.

The map will completely change for Season 6

The Hoverboard

A few months back rumours and leaks showed that the hoverboard was 100% coming to Fortnite’s battle royale mode.

However, this turned out to be fake with the unique item being introduced into the ‘save the world’ mode instead.

It wouldn’t be too hard for Epic games to copy the code across and add the hoverboard into Fortnite Season 6.

It would most likely be featured similarly to the in-game jetpack item.

The ability to move fast and jump high would help to get those DUBS

Horse and Carriage

Although unlikely, this would be an epic addition to the game.

Following the arrival of the Rifts towards the end of Season 4 of Fortnite, a number of items were dropped onto the map that hinted at things to come in Season 5.

Bones to symbolise the desert.

Horse and carriage to symbolise…

This would be awesome

We haven’t seen an addition of any Victorian era areas to the map.

Fans have been hoping that a drivable carriage could be added in Season 6.

All Aboard 

Due to some players looking through the code in future patch notes they uncovered that there may be more water areas coming to the Fortnite map.

This has led players to believe that the theme of season 6 will be ‘water based’ with a great flood taking over portions of the map.

The new Chomp Sr. outfit with matching pickaxe

This could lead to new vehicles in the form of boats, and the opportunity for some more brilliant skins.

It has also been found that the skins from previous seasons often hint at what is coming next.

Leaks have shown two new scuba diving skins are going to be released as well as the already released Chomp Sr. skin…

Boats could come in all shapes and sizes so it will be interesting to see if this becomes a feature in Season 6.

Season 5 of Fortnite has been the game’s best Season yet.

Nearly 80 million people were playing the battle royale game in August making last month the highest player turn out ever.

This was largely due to the launch of Fortnite on Android devices and it being the summer holiday for a lot of the game’s younger fan base.

Image result for fortnite galaxy skinThe Galaxy skin was launched alongside the new Samsung note and exclusive to Android owners

With the AAA-titles like Call of Duty and Battlefield now entering the battle royale game, Fortnite’s numbers have come as a huge surprise to those doubting Fortnite’s ability to retain players.

Both COD and Battlefield have massive audiences, a lot of whom have probably switched to Fortnite whilst waiting for the new games.

Fortnite Season 6 will have to pull out all the stops in order to keep players engaged.

If Red Dead Redemption II has a Battle Royale mode, it could spell the end of Fortnite

Late September is the perfect time to start a new season with new locations, weapons, vehicles, skins and hopefully game modes.

With Season 6 starting at the end of this week, we could see the biggest player turn out Fortnite has ever seen in October of this year, as the game is now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, IOS and Android…

Could Battlefield V’s battle royale mode trump Fortnite?

Fortnite really has taken over.

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