Fortnite season 7: Everything you need to know about Season 7 – map updates, weapons, battle pass, skins and much more

Friday, November 9, 2018

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Fortnite season 7: Everything you need to know about Season 7 – map updates, weapons, battle pass, skins and much more

Season 6 of Fortnite is now over halfway done.

With Kevin the cube having now exploded it seems as though the Season has plenty more action still to come.

Season 7 may seem a long way off but with it being November already, Christmas (and the next season) are just around the corner.

We’ve pulled together everything you need to know about the game – from hints and tips to more general gameplay-related stuff and big announcements.

Treat this as your own personal Fortnite Season 7 ‘hub’ – we’ll be updating it daily, so you’ll always be in the know.

Let’s kick off with the basics.

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When is Season 7 dropping?

The date for the end of Season 6 is currently set for December 5th 2018, meaning the next season of Fortnite will take place just prior to Christmas.

I think we can all guess what the theme might focus on.

Rumoured themes?

The theme of which, ‘Dark Rising’, is heavily inspired by Halloween and ominous creepy things that jump out of the dark.

This isn’t the first time that EPIC Games have opted to introduce seasonal aspects to Seasons within Fortnite.

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This time last year Fortnite introduced the Skull Trooper and Ghoul Trooper skins as part of the seasonal Halloween theme.

They also adapted the RPG in-game to propel pumpkins instead of rockets.

When Christmas came around, they introduced new seasonal skins as well as Christmas trees dotted around the map.

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What will the theme of Season 7 be?

Although we can’t say for certain, the theme will most likely be X-mas themed with a number of skins, map changes, and maybe even appearance from St. Nick himself…

The Map has, to this date, not been affected by snow.

Image result for fortnite snow mapSave the World mode has previously made use of snow

However, we saw how, at the start of Season 5 a whole new biome could be added to the game, changing up gameplay dramatically.

EPIC games will need to do something big to top Season 6, as it’s already 10x more impressive than Season 5 ever was.

Season 7 of Fortnite will start in the first week of December

If there’s one thing we know about Epic Games, it’s that they LOVE a seasonal event

One thing we can almost guarantee to fans of Fortnite is that EPIC will be running Christmas themed event’s throughout the entirety of Season 7.

We can expect to see snow, skins and potentially the whole theme to be surrounding by X-mas magic.

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Thanos in Fortnite was quite possibly one of the greatest moments in modern gaming history.

The renowned Marvel supervillain entered the popular battle royale game as part of an EPIC crossover that allowed players to terrorise players in a Limited Time game mode.

Since then we haven’t seen any further crossovers that included a game mode and different playable characters.

During the 2018 World Cup football pitches were added around the map along with the option to buy skins from your home countries team or an opposing team.

More recently, EPIC Games has brought us a campaign with the NFL which sees players being able to play as their favourite NFL teams.

Image result for fortnite world cup skins

This is all very well, but it hasn’t changed gameplay dramatically.

What players want is a brand new crossover that also gives them a new limited time game mode to sink their teeth into.

This could come in several different forms, a crossover with another popular game title such as Spyro, Crash Bandicoot or Mario would be brilliant.

Since Fortnite has already worked with Marvel before, it may make more sense to introduce a different superhero into the game.

Image result for santa claus in fortniteThe Santa themed battle-bus from last year

With the theme of Fortnite Season 7 almost guaranteed to revolve around the Christmas holiday, it would be good for EPIC games to reintroduce the Thanos game mode, however with Santa as the all-powerful being of destruction.

Image result for thanos dabbing fortniteSanta dabbing in Fortnite may just break the internet

That would make for some brilliant memes.

The return of the snowball launcher

The iconic snowball launcher was a staple in Fortnite last Christmas season.

With the recent introduction of the chiller traps, it would be good to see some more weapons featured that perform ‘cold’ damage.

Rumours have even been circulating that a drastic change to the storm could occur.

Turning the, currently purple, storm blue creating a snowstorm that slows enemies when they got stuck in it.

Image result for snowball launcher fortnite

The floating island has been travelling around the battle royale map since the start of Season 6.

After visiting all of the corrupted sites where Kevin the purple cube had previously visited, the floating island has finally returned to the POI formally known as Loot Lake, now Leaky Lake.

We are hoping for some sort of exciting Halloween event to take place

Now the island has seemingly completed its journey around the map it’s likely we will see another exciting event take place that could change the state of the map beyond just Season 6 and into Season 7.

A beam of purple light can now be seen shooting into the sky above Leaky Lake and the island, with the destination being increasingly overrun with more miniature manifestations of the purple cube.

Smaller versions of the cube have been sprouting up all over the island

With the rune markings having moved closer to Dusty Divot, fans have been speculating that the island might be expanding in order to fill the gap was left after a meteorite hit the famed location all the way back in Season 4.

Knowing Epic Games, however, they are much more keen to break stuff than to repair it.

Check out this concept trailer for the end of the world in Fortnite and the start of Season 7.

Gifting system in the Season of giving

A feature which has been eagerly requested for almost a year now is a gifting system.

Players are keen to gift their skins to friends in what could resemble an effective trading system.

It is possible that EPIC games could add this feature during Season 6, but would make more sense for it to be added at Christmas when they would be set to make more money.

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Could a giant snake be living inside of Leaky Lake? It’s possible.

Anything is possible in the weird and wonderful world that is Fortnite’s battle royale.

Could this be the map for Season 7?

We already know that Season 6 of Fortnite has to outdo not only its previous seasons but Call of Duty’s new  Blackout mode, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Battlefield V’s battle royale mode (coming out in November).

A few savvy players have noted the appearance of a certain ‘set of eyes’ in Season 6‘s battle pass that could hint at the event that will take us into Season 7.

With Loot Lake being renamed Leaky Lake and a giant whirlpool appearing in the middle, players are speculating as to what could happen with the new location towards the end of the season.

One popular theory is that a giant snake will appear out of the hole and travel around the map following the bath of Loot Lake’s former house.

What do you think?

We have been waiting for more vehicles since the introduction of trolleys and ATKs into Fortnite.

The introduction of vehicles to the popular battle royale game has been widely seen as a good thing.

First trolleys in Season 4 and then ATK golf buggies in Season 5.

We can expect to see the addition of one or two new vehicles in Season 7 or sooner.

Here are the most likely contenders.

Image result for fortnite season 6

Snowmobile and skis

With the possibility of a snowy Season 7 on the horizon, we could be seeing the introduction of some sort of snowy vehicles into the game.

Skis would change up the gameplay completely as the Fortnite battle royale map is extremely hilly.

The golf carts or the Quadcrasher could also be converted to operate on the snow giving players a brand new vehicle to mess around with.

The Hoverboard

A few months back rumours and leaks showed that the hoverboard was 100% coming to Fortnite’s battle royale mode.

However, this turned out to be fake with the unique item being introduced into the ‘save the world’ mode instead.

It wouldn’t be too hard for Epic games to copy the code across and add the hoverboard into Fortnite Season 7.

It would most likely be featured similarly to the in-game jetpack item.

The ability to move fast and jump high would help to get those DUBS

All aboard 

Due to some players looking through the code in future patch notes they uncovered that there may be more water areas coming to the Fortnite map.

This has led players to believe that later in season 7 there could be a great flood taking over portions of the map, especially now that Loot Lake has been corrupted.

The Chomp Sr. outfit with matching pickaxe

This could lead to new vehicles in the form of boats, and the opportunity for some more brilliant skins.

It has also been found that the skins from previous seasons often hint at what is coming next.

There were a load of water-themed skins released throughout Season 5, so it will be interesting to see if the theme continues throughout Season 6 and into Season 7.

Boats could come in all shapes and sizes so it will be interesting to see if this becomes a feature in Season 7.

Santa’s Sleigh

Although technically not a vehicle you will be able to control, the rumoured ‘Christmas’ theme for Season 7 has set tounges wagging about how exactly the map could be affected.

It would be great to see the Battle Bus being pulled along my Santa’s reindeer, or a reskin on the ATKs that will lend an x-massy feel to them.

Image result for fortnite christmas battle busWe want more!

The latest money grabbing scheme from Fortnite is here in the form of a physical bundle.

EPIC games have announced they will releasing a ‘Deep Freeze’ bundle to celebrate the upcoming holiday season.

Although this package will be coming out slightly prematurely on November 16th in the UK.

Image result for christmas fortnite

It’s no mistake that this bundle is coming out just prior to Season 7 and as a physical copy, it’s a great opportunity for parents to buy their Fortnite obsessed kids something physical from the popular battle royale game.

What’s included in the pack for £25?

Frostbite outfit/skin Cold Front glider Chill-Axe pickaxe Freezing Point back bling 1,000 V-Bucks

Image result for deep freeze bundle fortnite

Like all exclusive items (except the galaxy skin) the bundle isn’t anything special to look at.

This coupled with the fact that it’s only a timed exclusive in retail stores makes the bundle look pretty pointless.

Nostalgia is a wonderful thing.

In gaming it is usually reserved for the classics you played as a kid on the PS1, Xbox 360, NES etc, however now there’s a game called Fortnite.

EPIC games deliver such consistent updates to the game, that it is consistently changing, the map, building, guns, environment, movement and more have changed to the point where Fortnite is an entirely new game every season.

Image result for original fortnite map

For a few months this time last year everyone was a noob at Fortnite, no one was building, everybody was a no-skin and people simply enjoyed the game.

There have been rumours floating about that EPIC may be introducing a limited time mode to take players back to the original 2017 version of Fortnite for a long time now.

It could finally be happening in Season 7.

The map has changed so much (and will continue to change) since Season 1 that it’s the perfect time to bring the classic back.

It could also bring a number of old school players back to the game who may have taken a hiatus to play different games.

Would you like to see the return of classic Fortnite?

Kevin the cube first popped up in (the rather dull) Season 5 of Fortnite.

Since then he has transformed Loot Lake into Leaky Lake, travelled around the map TWICE and split up a whole island into several floating parts that are messing with gravity, physics and the very laws of Fortnite nature!

Image result for fortnite cube

Recently, cracks started to appear on the cube and have been growing every day.

The new Fortnitemares may be pushing the cube to its limit, ultimately causing it to explode and change the map drastically.

This theory has been floating about ever since the cube first appeared.

Now, however, there is some evidence to support this assumption.

Image result for fortnitemares

It is likely that, come the end of Halloween, the zombies will all disappear and the cube will explode cause the next big event that will lead to the start of Fortnite Season 7.

What do you think?

Kevin the cube has finally settled down.

Despite the fact that he seems to be cracking it appears that Kevin is about to become a father.

The Fortnite: Battle Royale Leaks Twitter has revealed, through data mining, that there are a set of upcoming challenges involving ‘Lil’ Kevin’.

A cube-esque shape with a large pair of googly eyes, make Lil’ Kevin look slightly different to the formidable purple behemoth we have got so used to in Fortnite.

"Lil' Kevin Challenges"

– Gain 5,000 XP
– Play Matches [0/15]
– Outlive Opponents [0/500]

Name: Lil' Kev
Desc: Loves to play in the lake
Rarity: Rare

— Fortnite: Battle Royale Leaks (@FNBRLeaks) November 1, 2018

Will Lil’ Kevin be involved in the large event that is suggested to be taking place in the near future?

We will have to wait and see.

What is Fortnite?

In September 2017, a new standalone mode called Battle Royale was launched – which brought the game into direct competition with PUBG – another battle royal-style shooter.

Then on March 12th 2018, Epic released the IOS version of Fortnite.

Each game sees 100 players plonked on to a map with no weapons or armour – you need to scavenge and explore to find these.

Similar to PUBG there is a ‘closing in’ mechanic – which sees the game area get smaller and smaller.

Venture outside the safe zone (a ‘storm’ in Fortnite’s case) and you’ll lose health rapidly, before being eliminated.

Fortnite can be played solo or with friends on mobile, Xbox, Switch, PS4 and PC.

Word to the uninitiated – if you’re playing solo, do not try to team up – you’ll get killed.

How much does Fortnite cost?

It’s free – unless you’re mad about cosmetics (which some people clearly are).

Skins can be obtained through the battle pass or you can buy V-bucks and spend them in the store

What games systems is Fortnite currently on?

It’s on Xbox, PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch and IOS.

When is the game coming to Android?

With 1000’s of people already playing Fortnite on IOS, there is a huge demand for the game to come over to Android.

Epic games are currently working to release the game in China where the majority of people use Androids.

The release date is rumoured to be 24th July so keep your eyes peeled.

Season 5 map

The addition of golf kart’s to the map was perhaps the biggest gameplay development this season.

Allowing you to travel faster and race your friends on the new track that rivals Monaco’s.

Portals are also dotted around the map which allow you to re-drop from the sky, giving you more time to loot and still get away from the storm.

There are no other maps (yet), which will frustrate some, but developers Epic continue to add to their existing map with locations such as Paradise Palms and Lazy Links.

The map has changed drastically this season with a whole new biome and different attractions scattered around

Where’s the worst place to land on Fortnite?

It all depends on your ability. Tilted Towers can be the best place if you’re experienced or worst place if you’re a noob.

It’s usually teeming with loot and powerful weapons – but most decent players will swarm on it pretty sharpish.

If you’re new to the game, head for Snobby Shores or Lonely Lodge – they’re a bit further out so they’ll be less competition for decent loot.

Best weapons for mobile players?

On Fortnite the colour of the weapon indicates how good it is.

With the new update, the best way for smartphone players to win is to take the sneaky approach.

The silenced SMG has had a big upgrade in terms of damage and accuracy so make sure to rock one of these when sneaking up on people.

Pair the tactical shotgun with the silenced SMG and you have a winner.

If you come across a sniper it may be worth practising as it will give you a real advantage over other players.

The best weapons are found in loot crates – so keep an eye out for these.

Fancy a gold scar? Look out for supply drops

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